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Kateřina Hlaváčová

Human Resources has accompanied her through her life for 7 years. She takes care of corporate clients and independently manages tasks within HR management. She oversees the recruitment process and interviews candidates. She also applies her experience in career counselling for candidates for mid-level positions.

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What do I enjoy?

I am the kind of person who cannot sit still for long. I like to spend my free time actively and adventurously. I always take away from my holidays a lot of intense experiences that I will never forget. I like to run up the stairs of Adam’s Peak, cross the mountains in Georgia or hike in Santiago. But after such feats, I can also reward myself properly. I love Spanish tapas, for example, and I cannot resist a good red wine. My four-legged Collie is also a great partner, not only on the road, and she accompanies us wherever we go. The joyful changes in my life have also led me to realise that even a slow walk with a coffee in hand is time well spent.

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