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Lenka Urbanová

She has been in the Human Resources industry for 15 years. She comprehensively supervises and leads recruitment projects throughout the company. Lenka’s scope of work consists of acquiring new corporate clients and managing long-term projects; an integral part of her work is consulting in corporate Human Resources, employer branding, and personnel marketing. She actively approaches candidates, conducts job interviews, and personally introduces selected individuals to clients. Thanks to her many years of experience, she is also involved in career counselling. She can pass on valuable recommendations.

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What do I enjoy?

I am an active, versatile and lively person; my head is always full of plans. If I recall the hobbies of my youth, then I dance Latin or play the piano. The adventurous expeditions on which I have always surpassed myself, I am gradually exchanging for common activities with my family. Sport is my passion in several forms, but I enjoy skiing the most. From spring to summer you will often see me in the garden, I love flowers and like to create wreaths and other decorations from them. As an avid driver, I also like to take a tractor ride on the farm. When I have to be in the kitchen, I prefer baking sweets to cooking.

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